December 15, 2011
By matt5968 BRONZE, Lakewood, Colorado
matt5968 BRONZE, Lakewood, Colorado
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When people hear the word “curling” they would say “what’s curling?” or “curling is boring and stupid”. Curling has history in Scotland it was the only sport that didn’t make people arise into a riot.
The stones then weigh in at the least of 20 kg to 58.8 kg at the max also the brooms then were made out of straw. Now today the stones weigh 20 kg and the brooms made out of something different then straw or at least not Canadian brooms. Now Scotland’s brooms only need to be replace every two years but Canadian brooms need to be replace every two weeks.
Some people go to a curling game to hear the “skip” (captain) yell “hurry” loudly and it is silly when listening to a different language and others go to watch the game to see who going to win the game.
The slider pushes the stone up a line called the “Hog line” and the slider must release the stone before he/she reaches it or the stone is removed from play.
The sweepers sweep the ice in front of the stone in the direction that the slider points to. When the skip yells “hurry” the sweepers sweep harder to make the ice smoother and direct the stone to other end of ice.
At that end there is a big 12 ft. circle with three other circles get smaller as it closer to the center the circles and the circles are called the “house” and the closer to center the better because if your team stone is the closes to the center you score a point.
But the apposing team will try to knock your stone out of the house so they can score a point. There are ten rounds a 11 one for overtime
But there are rules one is if you hit the side of ice the stone is removed of play (this is a big rule) another one is if the slider keeps the passed the hog line the stone is removed from play.
You can put another stone in front of other one and this is a guard position. This move is handy if you want keep the point.
Only thing you ever worried about in curling is the other team players some teams have strong teammates or fast sweepers. Curling can reach ages of 10 through 65.
At the end of each round the last stone is called the hammer. The hammer is very important if you want your team to win, because it is “do or die” type of situation.
Even thou curling is a slow game at the start but near the end the game does get faster. If you want to join curling you must train in strength, speed, and sweeping if you want get a chance to a join a game or two.
We know Scotland’s folks there made great stuff and curling is one of them and you should watch some curling games. I know I’m hook to curling.

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