Dear Hero of mine,

December 13, 2011
When you feel like giving up, picture me there cheering you on. When you feel like the world about to cave in on you, picture me there next to you trying everything to make you laugh and smile. When you find yourself in trouble, picture me there helping you fix it all. When you feel yourself falling down, picture me there down on the ground, pushing you back up. When you feel like I’m not there anymore, look to the sky, and know that I’m looking too. When you struggle to wake up sometimes, picture me getting up and making you proud every day. When the letters take a little while to get there, picture me just writing even more in my bed. When you feel our love is fading, look to my hair ribbon and know that it’s just getting stronger. When you need someone to talk to, pray and pray hard, because I will be too. When you think I’m giving up, remember I chose this life. I may never be there with you at all times but know that I’ll always support you. Always count on me. Iloveyou.

Your girl.

Ps: “When hard times have found you and fear surround you, wrap my love around you. You’re never alone.”

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