dear me, please set me free

December 6, 2011
By Anonymous

Dear diary,

The cold air hit me like a bullet when I got up. I pulled the sheets off I just wanted a few more precious moments in bed but I would not be getting them it was about 6:30 on a Friday and dad still was not home I could tell he was not because I would had heard the large stumbling footsteps through the hall. Im kind of glad that he is not home yet at least I don’t have to explain to Seth now why dad is crying. I pulled my pants and my boots on and brushed my long blond hair the brush glided through it like a ice skater on ice. I could hear Seth watching TV down stairs im surprised he is up now he was always late . “hey Sarah the bus is coming around the corner better hurry” Seth yelled I jumped over my bed and grabbed my bag it was even colder on the other side of the door. I heard the bus .. Or at least I thought it was dad it was never a good day when he came home late or at least the next day.

“Seth go up stairs now”! I didn’t ant him to see dad he was his best friend he always was till he started drinking but Seth still thinks there the best of friends. He ran up the stairs I could hear the crappy engine of the car shut down there was a silent shutter that came from the car. The knob on the door turned tword the wall I didn’t know weather to stay there and hope or hide in my room. But I know I was to scared to do any thing because he was standing there with a broken bottle in hand ready to scream. I turned to run but he was to fast for me he jabbed me in the side with the bottle “why do you treat me like crap”! his words slurred “dad its Sarah not mom please under stand”! I screamed I was bleeding it came out my side fast like a river. It was dark he had a hold of my hair I wanted to run but his hand had a ferm grip on my hair. “you’re my wife you have been for 3 years now”! it was 7 years but what would he know “I loved you and you cheated”! he kicked me in the side that he had stabbed me the cut had gotten bloodier it was starting to make the floor turn red. “dad you killed mom 2 years ago why cant you see that our lives are falling apart when you drink”! that firm grip came in handy with him he pulled as hard as he could and ripped my hair out.

Dear diary,

the blood had seem to run out in me because when I got up the next morning all the blood was gone. He covered it up he even but stitches in me him self it was not a good job he used thread . I had for gotten wear Seth was I hope that he didn’t hear any of that it would have crushed him knowing his sister was beat , Or maybe the fact the his best friend did it.

It was just a normal night that was the problem this was every night he did this but he had to be really mad and drunk to. I realized me and Seth cant live like this any more I picked up the phone and for a seconded I thought twice then I called 91.

The author's comments:
i was going to make a book out of it but i didn't know if it would be a good story or not

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