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November 21, 2011
By KaitlinMcMillan BRONZE, Dexter, Michigan
KaitlinMcMillan BRONZE, Dexter, Michigan
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“I’m sorry Louis, but it says here that you have never gone to college.”
“I know Mr. Waters, I haven’t, but growing up as a child was hard, because my family didn’t have much money, so going to college wasn’t even an option.”
“There’s always scholarships.” Waters said handing Louis his resume back.
“I am aware of that sir, but I had a job to help support my family, and I had to miss school sometimes to go to work.”
“Listen, Mr. Porter, we just can’t hire you unless you have a college education.”
“Alright thank you for your time anyway, Mr. Waters.”
Louis left the office slowly, and exited the building. He headed for the Subway Station, because he didn’t have enough money for a car, so he took the New York subway. He walked down the stairs to go to the subway, and couldn’t find his subway pass. He had to buy a day pass subway ticket. He still had 75 cents left and was extremely thirsty, so he went to a vending machine and attempted to buy a can of Pepsi. The Vending machine was lagging and ate his money. Louis banged on the the machine until it finally dispensed his pop. He walked up to the subway platform, just to see his subway pulling away. He sat down, tired, and depressed.
The next subway came, and he got on. He got out the can of Pepsi he had bought with the little money he had, and opened it. PSHHH CAAAAWW the can squealed as he opened the can. He took one sip, but got nudged by someone passing by him, and the can fell on the floor and spilt everywhere.
“Damn! Why does everything bad happen to me?” Louis said as he picked up the now sopping wet can.
“Here sir let me help.” a voice said.
Without looking up, still focusing on the pop, He said, “Thanks. I’ve been having the worst day.” He now looked up, and noticed a lovely girl, about his age, and he continued to say, “I-I um got rejected from a job opportunity today, and as you could tell spilt my Pepsi, and my Landlord is about to kick me out of my house because I’m so behind on rent.” After a pause, he said, “Oh, Louis Porter, by the way.”
“Kim Darmony.”
They shook hands and Kim then said, “Oh what type of work are looking into?”
“Well I am really interested in Engineering.”
“Your kidding! I work in Engineering! I’m actually the manager of and engineering plant, that used to be my farther’s, but he gave it to me once he passed. You know being his only kid and all..”
“I’m sorry to hear about his passing. Really though you own a engineering plant? No way. That’s awesome!”
After a pause Kim goes on to say, “Hey as long as you don’t have a criminal record, and you can prove to me that you’ll be good in this job field, AND you pass training then maybe I can look into finding a job for you at the plant.”
“Are you serious Kim? Really? I mean we just met, and I don’t really know you.”
“Right, well do you have an resume?”
“Yes actually, I do here.” Louis said rustling through his bag and finding his resume and then handing it to Kim.
“Yeah, but think about it, people rarely know who the boss is when you go in for an interview anyway, so just think of this as like ‘half’ of an interview. Here take my card, and call me when your ready for an interview.” Kim said while handing him her business card.
“Thank you Kim!” Louis said as he took the card from her. “I will call tomorrow!”
“Oh well this is my stop. It was a pleasure to meet you Louis.”
“As it was you Kim. And again, thank you.”
“No problem. I’ll be excepting your call very soon Mr. Porter.” Kim said as she rose.
“Alright see you very soon Ms. Darmony.”
She exited as he looked down at her business card. He smiled and thought to himself, “Man my day turned completely around. If I wouldn’t have missed my subway I would have never met Kim, and gotten a job offer.” He continued on his way home, happy, and complete.

The author's comments:
This story is about a man who is having a bad day, and then it gets a lot better as the day goes on.

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