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October 21, 2011
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Discrimination? What’s that? Discrimination is the process by which two stimuli differing in some aspect are responded to differently. Discrimination is the worst thing to do to someone. It is terrible. When you think of discrimination you think of racial discrimination, correct? Hardly anyone notices any other kind of discrimination. Discrimination against the handicapped is the discrimination I am referring to. Discrimination is pointless. Discrimination is illegal and has major consequences. Handicapped people have a hard enough life as it is but adding discrimination to there already limitations is making it a lot more difficult. Handicapped people could not have prevented there handicap in any way, shape or form. People with handicaps should not be discriminated against in any situation.

Discrimination is not something most people would consider illegal. But it is illegal. There is a act against this, Which is called The Americans With Disabilities Act, or also known as the ADA. This act prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities in employment, transportation, public accommodation, communications, and government activities. In violation for the first time against ADA are civil penalties for as much as $55,000 and for violation of the ADA for a second time has a civil penalty of $110,000. As you can see it’s illegal and has some high prices to pay, literally.

People with handicaps had no way to prevent it, think of it this way, being born with a handicap is like being born with brown hair. There is no controlling it. Obviously a handicap and brown hair are not the same but have the same concept. If these people could have prevented it, I’m positive they would have. It is not their fault and yet we are still discriminate against them, it is like blaming a innocent person for a crime in just does not make sense. These people are no different then you and me. They have feelings and emotions and people are abusing them. They are just like any normal person just with a extra curveball in their life.

Now, could you imagine living with a handicap? It would be hard to live with, as if life isn’t hard enough it would become a lot harder. Shouldn’t we respect these people more? Shouldn’t we look up to them rather than down on them and degrading them? We should take a second and put ourselves in their shoes and think what if I was them? Do you think it makes life any easier with everyone calling them names and disrespecting them? No, it challenges them more than they already are and that is not nearly fair.

Discrimination against the handicapped is absolutely no exceptions, wrong. In no situation do they deserve this at all. No one deserves to be discriminated against, especially these role models. Discrimination gets no one anywhere. It does not make a difference. It is illegal to discriminate the handicapped according to the ADA and has its consequences. Life is hard enough with the disability they don’t need the entire extra heart ache on top of it. Last but not least they could not prevent it why blame them for something they had no control over. That is like blaming someone because it rained.

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