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August 9, 2011
By Tiffani Morehead BRONZE, Papillion, Nebraska
Tiffani Morehead BRONZE, Papillion, Nebraska
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I will never forget that September 8th – my dad came over to my mom and stepdad Danny’s house unexpectedly. When my sister Tina and I saw the shocked, sad look on our dad’s face, we knew something was wrong. He told me to wake my other sister, Tracy, because he had something important to tell us. I had a million ideas running through my head, but never once did it cross my mind something so terrible had happened.

My dad told us my mom and stepdad Danny had been in a car accident. My mom was in critical condition. Tracy and I were crying hysterically, but Tina asked, “What about Danny?”

My dad replied, “Honey, Danny is dead.” That was the most painful feeling I have ever experienced in my life; my heart felt like it had shattered. The night before, my mom and Danny had been at a firemen’s concert. Mom was driving home, Danny was in the passenger seat. Danny saw a car flying over the median. His first reaction was to cover my mom to protect her. Not thinking about himself, he jumped over her before the car landed on them. Danny died instantly but, thanks to him, my mom lived. She was in critical condition for two weeks. After she got out of the hospital, she lived with my grandparents until she was able to be on her own and take care of four children. She wasn’t expected to walk again, but after months of physical therapy, she is doing great. When we saw a picture of the car, my mom’s side was all bashed in; Danny’s wasn’t touched. The woman who killed Danny was drunk and didn’t suffer a scratch.

Danny saved my mom’s life and gave up his own. I am thankful for him being a true friend to his wife, my mother. For that he is, and always will be, my greatest hero.

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