What matters to you?

November 8, 2007
What matters to me is how i truly feel inside. Other things like having a bed to sleep in, having
a roof over my head, and my happiness matter to me also. That is because those are the basic
things in life that are needed to survive. I'm very down to Earth, big fancy things don't matter
much to me. There's many other things that matter especially being successful. I've been
working extremely hard in school and i n sports so maybe they take me somewhere in life.
Somehow I'm succeeding! Volley is also something that matters to me. That sport is pretty
much my life. I live it, breath it, love it, it's me.
Then there's my family. I know they get me angry and I wish mean things upon them, but
that's not how I truly feel inside. I believe that because like the bibles says "Cherish your parents
and forever you'll be blessed." in my deep gut i have a feeling it is true. They mean the world to
me and I wouldn't be the person i am today if it wasn't for them. They have taught me how to
live my life the proper way. What's right from wrong and how to get through rough times.
Something else that matters to me is that i have love in my life. That i am so rounded by people
that love me. People that will care for me and will want what is best for me.
What matters the most out of everything in life is that God is a part of it. God has blessed my
family and I so much, we're extremely lucky for everything he's done for us. The second thing
that mostly matters to me is being independent. I do not and will never depend on anyone or
anything. I am so strong and I do not need a friend, a guy, or anyone unimportant to get through
life and the rough parts of it. And that is what matters to me.

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