Who are my neighbors?

April 19, 2011
By Anonymous

Who’s My Neighbor?

My neighbors. Who are my neighbors? Are they people I like? Are they intelligent, funny, and loved, or are they boring and reserved? I consider my neighbors to be outgoing and friendly people. Reserved neighbors are people who you leave alone and they leave you alone. That’s not fun. I don’t consider reserved people to be neighbors. I know who my neighbors are. I will tell you who my neighbors are and if they are any of those things.

I know who my neighbors are. They are people who like to be happy and have an excellent time. They spend time with you and like you for who you are. They help in a bad situation and celebrate with you when you are happy. They are like friends and come closer to family than anyone else.

My neighbors also have their beliefs, customs, and likes and dislikes. I will tell you about them now. I know a lot about them because we see each other often. They originate from the country Bangladesh. They are Muslim, as I am, and celebrate many holidays that I do. They celebrate Eid, a major Islamic holiday. It is a holiday much like normal Christian holidays. There’s food, excitement, and a myriad amount of people. You get money and fabulous, new clothes. You have a wonderful time celebrating Eid. They also fast in Ramadan. Ramadan is a month when all Muslims fast, except the sick and other exceptions. Those are the holidays they celebrate. They hate rainy days because you almost always find them outside.

They have four people living in their house, not counting their other family that comes every once in a while. They have two kids. One is in college; the other is in fifth grade. They are both very smart and helpful. If my neighbors were a lot more different than me, I would probably like them more because there is much to learn from people different than you. I think it’s extremely worthy to know my neighbor. I think it changes who we are in terms of being more familiar and friendly. I think it has changed me a lot to be living next to such outgoing people.

I think it is very important for people to know their neighbors. It helps them a lot in life to know their neighbors and to be helpful to their neighbors because neighbors almost always return the favor. My neighbors. People that I love. People that help when I’m in a bad situation, not because they get something out of it but because they are loving. That’s a true neighbor and that’s why you should always know who lives next door.

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