Have You Ever Made a Bad Decision

April 10, 2008
Have you ever made a bad decision that effected your life? I have recently made one of the worst decisions of my life. It happened to get me suspended from my next baseball game.
For you that don't know baseball is my life. I live, sleep, eat and all other things related to life baseball.
As I loaded my stuff onto the bus I told everyone today felt like a great day to go 15-0, yes an undefeated season (so far). We all hooped and hollered in excitement. As Coach Myers started to pull out, I leaned back in the seat and started to doze off for the 30 minute ride to fairfield.
As we reached the field Coach told us to not act like a bunch of thugs. We unloaded the bus and took a seat in the bleacheres. We watched the varsity stomp Fairfield.
Then it was our time to do the same. We started the game like we did every time. We all circled around and streched. then we grabbed our gloves and a ball and started to warm up our arms. Jared and I were warming up talking about how great it would be to go undefeated.
The game started and we scored 2 runs. Then we took the field, breaking out to undefeated. We allowed no runs through the first 4 innings. We jumped on Fairfield with a 15-0 margin.
As the bottom of the 4th inning started coach put in the "B" team. Not knowing that this would be the worst mistake of his coaching carrer. Fairfield then scored 16 runs to end the game.
As we shook hands and got our stuff togather my anger got the best of me. I threw anything that was around. As we left the parking lot I picked up a trash can hurling it across the lot.
Coach informed me that one mistake of letting my anger get the best of me got me suspended for one game.

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