My Lifes Moral Determinations

December 19, 2007
In my commonplace life, I always have to make virtuous decisions that are sometimes laborious in

effervescence. The resolutions that I sometimes have to make are magnificent and majestic, and some are

dispirited and sorrowful. Most of all it is best to make the right decision than the wrong decision.

On August 16, 2007, it was my birthday, and me and my family took a magnificent trip to the water park. We

got on alpine water slides and abstract swimming pools. There was a lot of people at the water park that day,

but the lines were swift and under way. That was one of the good things about the water park. I had a

conscientious time that day.

However, I had a choice to either go to Six Flags, which was the same place that I continually go to, Cocoa

Beach, which we had only been to one time before, or the water park in Opelika, AL. That was a place that I

had not been to, and I thought of it as I should try new things in life and see how they work out. Well, that was

kind of a good thing, and kind of a bad thing. The reason being, is that it was fun swimming and going down

water slides and all of that, but when I thought about it, I kind of yearned that I would have went to the beach

on account of we would have spent two nights in a hotel. But I chose to go to the water park over the beach like

a dummy. It was still a moral decission.

An additional event that occured that was sort of like the last one, was when I was in the eight grade, I had a

colossal choice to go to the museum, six flags, or Hollywood connection. Hollywood connection was a place in

Columbus, GA that had an arcade, skating rink, rides for little kids, and a movie theater. I said, “Hmm? I

wander where I should go?” So I sat there and thought about it and came up with a decision. My decision was

to go to Six Flags. So me and about ten of my friends went to six flags for the field trip. My brother also went

with me. So we got on the tremendous, black charter bus that had a huge flat screen television, a table to play

cards, and a couch in the back so that you could be comfortable while playing cards. Time dissipated quickly

while I was sitting there talking to my friends. When the bus stopped, the teacher got off of the bus. As we were

getting of off the bus, the teacher would hand us our ticket so that we could set foot in the gates as we handed

them our ticket. So we took our tickets and headed to the gate. When we handed our tickets to them, they took

the part they needed and gave us the other part. Then we all got together and found a ride that we wanted to get

on. If one person didn’t want to ride a certain ride, they stood patiently at the exit gate for us to get off. Then

we would all unite, and get on another ride. We did this same procedure about twenty five times by then, we

were thirsty. So everyone stood outside and gave me their money to get them something to drink. Me, my

brother, and my friend went in and got the drinks after I paid for them. We came back out with the drinks, and

everyone started drinking. By that time, they made an announcement saying that everyone with South Girard Jr.

High School needed to meet at the entrance and exit area. Then one of my friends called my cellphone and said

that the teacher and everyone else had been waiting for us about one hour and was about to leave us. So we met

the teacher at the gate and was starting to leave. I was so gladdened that I have finally made a moral decision in

my life. So we went to Burger King on the extent back. I got a Whopper, which is a tremendous sized sandwich,

onion rings, and a large Coke. Then we went home.

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