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March 4, 2011
This world is filled with fiction, right? From books to movies to games. But how do you know that it really is fiction? How do you know that reality isn’t the fiction we always thought was truth? How do we know? Say you were a vampire. Would you want to tell everybody or keep it secret to keep away from the prejudice you would be bound to face? To be cast away or laughed at? Wouldn’t you want to keep that tiny little secret that makes you different to fit in?
We live in a world where people are afraid to be different and stand out. Everybody is trying to find that place where they fit in and not be judged. Would you really want to step into the atmosphere of this and tell everyone what you are? How do we accumulate the truth? Better yet, would we accept the truth or cast ourselves in the denial we were in before?
How do we know there is a God? I’m not saying there isn’t, but how do you know? Do you only find out at the end of your cycle when it’s too late to share the news with everyone? How do you prove it?

What we don’t know will always come back to haunt us. Beat us over and over again only for the satisfaction of laughing in our face. Do we know when to stop before it becomes too late? How do we control ourselves, our outcome?

I guess all I’m saying is how do you know the difference between reality and fiction when everything turns in your face?

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