Complete Rebirth

January 6, 2008
By Phillip Pan-Tran, Denver, CO

Feeling my pain running through my brain, it makes me go insane trying to fade through reality in vain. I hide my rain behind my happy face but inside I cry as I race towards my ill-stricken fate. Inside, myself I fight but I fear I've slowed my pace because I can't seem to complete this race. It's something I gotta face, it's in my mind, a philosophical place where I retrace the steps of my mistakes. It's a new year, it's been a few days but all I've been doing is staying at home, drinking and blazing but screw that. Now I contemplate the way I face each and every case, every situation I put upon myself. I'm sick of my life, everything has always been the same so I'm gonna change the way I am, take a look through the eye hole to where I aim, to where I first came. Before I knew rage and pain, this new year's my new age. I put the controller down and take my eyes off life as a game, a complete rebirth, with a bad rep behind my name and the same crap I take. All my life I've been too fake so now's the time to do, not say but change.

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