The Drugs and The People

January 28, 2011
By Jr.Pioneer7 BRONZE, Centennial, Colorado
Jr.Pioneer7 BRONZE, Centennial, Colorado
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Drugs can single-handedly ruin peoples’ lives, even if they have never done drugs or have no attachment to the person that altered their life; it is never for the better. Athletes and celebrities lose touch with who they are and what the world really is. Once they believe they’ve reached superstardom, all that can go spiraling down the drain forever. “Crashing and Burning, they athlete’s career went up in flames”; are words we hear much too often. Or “another DUI was awarded to Lindsey Lohan last night making it her 20th this month.” It may be exaggerated, but there is a way that people’s lives are demolished and thrown carelessly to the wind by someone who may just think they’re the best. Never lose touch with who you are, and where you came from. Lives are ruined and dreams are killed by careless people wanting to get ahead or possibly behind in life. Never be the person who ruined that dream, or cared about that lowlife in the first place.

The majority of drugs are illegal in the United States. Human growth hormones and steroids are completely illegal in the Major Leagues of any sport in the United States. Anybody who can’t completely rely on themselves without any drug induced strength or ability is not worth it. Using the drugs is a complete disregard of support received from other people. An utter disgrace of the game. If you do them even just once, you know that you’re a cheater and you will be for life. I looked up to Barry Bonds and Mark McGwire once, they were great ball players. Skilled, focused, strong and able. I know now that they used steroids. It’s obvious isn’t it? Those two over time have denied and denied that they never knowingly used steroids. Unbelievable. I thought full grown men had enough sense to use some integrity, but I guess they don’t. Integrity is taught, provided among people, and given. Some throw integrity out the window, and with it their hard earned careers. But they keep their lies, they keep their drugs, and they keep their inability to feel others’ pain and sorrow locked up. They keep the dreams they crushed tucked away, and they’ll hold onto those forever.

When people drink or use drugs it helps them out for a short while then they need more and more and guess what? Soon they’ll need more. It ends people. Not in the short term; but in the long run, those people will look back on what they did and never forgive themselves. The sports world had a “little guy” powerhouse in the golden age of baseball. The Pittsburgh Pirates in the 1960’s and 70’s were great. The team to beat. My grandpa almost got there. He had worked hard, paid his dues and had a very down to earth attitude towards life. One night he decided to go out to eat. Driving to the restaurant he was struck and pinned to a building by a drunk semi-truck driver. Yup, you heard that right. Doctors wanted to amputate his leg. He had never touched a drop of alcohol, and some loser drowning his sorrows ruined his dreams. Losing touch with the world can put hatred into the mind of others. Dreams? Out the window. Uncared for and rejected. Nothing. Absolute nothing.

Defeat is a taste too familiar for some. Some people care. Other diseases of people hate and hate and hate. Never lose sight of who are. Don’t forget where you came from. Remain true to yourself. Don’t let little exploited expectations in life get you down. Walk with your head high regardless of what others say. If your dream has been thrown to the wind by anybody, if you know how I feel, get up and don’t reflect on what has been put upon you. Stay down to earth. Live up to expectations and be who you were meant to be. Always want something more.

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The Assignment in my class was to write something you felt strongly about. I made a real connection with this

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