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January 27, 2011
By McFannman2672 BRONZE, Lancaster, Ohio
McFannman2672 BRONZE, Lancaster, Ohio
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So what did you do at school today. I through some of Grandpa Chips war medels of the bridge. Sounds like a good day.

About two weeks ago, I was trying to get to sleep but I had a really bad headache. So I got up and I starting playing Halo: Reach for about an hour and a half. Afterwards, my headache was gone and I was fast asleep on the couch. There should be more video games because they’re fun, yet helpful at the same time.

Lots of doctors suggest playing video games. According to Gail Nichols, an eye doctor at St. Mary’s, Kansas children’s hospital, she woke up with a headache but hers was from depression, and she played bejeweled for hours. Next thing she knows she’s asleep with her headache gone and her depression lessoned.

Video games are not bad for your brain or your eyes. Your parents and teachers may say they’re bad for you, but they’re really not. Channel one did an interview on Tom Bissel, from a game programming company. Tom said, “Video games are an art form.” He says this because when playing video games, your brain interacts with the game when playing it.

Don’t let headaches keep you up at night any longer. Parents need to buy kids more video games so this situation doesn’t occur as much. It’s fun to see your kids have a good time and not get hurt while doing what they like to do. Video games can help you get rid of headaches and they also help your intelligence.

Have fun kids, play more video games. Make sure you don’t forget what Gail Nichols and Tom Bissel said. Have your parents read this and ask them if you can go to the store and get a video game you really want.

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