Letter to a Stranger

January 11, 2011
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Dear Stranger,

You don't know me yet, but I've been dreaming of you for ages.
I only hope that when we finally meet, you'll realize that you, too, have been dreaming of me.

I know I may not be perfect, but looking into your eyes will ease my fears. You are the one who will embrace me for who I am, the one who will love me even when I'm sick and ugly, even when I tell you I hate you [which I'm sure I won't really mean]. You are the one who will forgive me for my past and help me paint my future, all while holding me steady and letting me lean on you when I'm weak. Which is often. You will support me in my dreams, even if we end up living in crappy apartments our whole lives, and never, ever will you stop showing just how much you love me.

I can't promise much in exchange for all you'll give me. I can't promise to never be angry or never to hurt you. I can't say that I'll always do what's best or do what's right or even know what those things are. All I can promise is the return of all the love you'll give me, thousand-fold…because no one could possibly have waited for you as long as I have. I've been waiting since the day I was born.

I don't know where you live, or how you look, or even your name, but I do know that, somewhere, you're waiting for me, just as I'm waiting for you.


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