November 8, 2007
By Audrey Gunther, Guilderland, NY

Lewes, Delaware is a small town. Since my grandparents live there we (my family) all vacation there every summer. Two years ago all of my dad’s family came there for the first time in years.

One day my tall red-haired cousin Axel (he’s a triplet with Dexter and Maddie) asked this guy if we could use his water trampoline in the ocean. Since I was only ten and the one who saw it in the sand it was like seeing Santa in July. My little cousins thought the same thing too.
The guy was cool with it but only if we let his 5-year-old daughter Vicky go on. I quickly agreed and ran towards the float, followed by my family and Vicky. There was an anchor that you had to drill into the sand to make sure you don’t drift off. We forgot to drill it in.
We never noticed the trampoline drifting until Dexter jumped into the water and couldn’t touch the bottom (he was over 5 feet back then). Then it was like the movie Jaws. Little kids screaming, middle of the ocean, and NO people around besides us.
We tried to call for our parents but they thought we were waving and waved back. Maddie, Dexter, and Axel like to take charge a lot. They told all the little kids less than 4 feet to stay in the trampoline and they told me, Alyssa (my bratty 11-year-old cousin), and Henry (he’s taller than me and Alyssa’s age), to get out and help them push the trampoline back to the shore. After a while we made it back, gave it to the nice man, and I laid in the nice sand. We didn’t use it again that day.
We always go to Dairy Queen or non-Dairy Queen (the food’s so fake it makes me want to barf.) the first night there. I normally bike ahead with the triplets (Dexter, Maddie, and Axel) and everybody else walks into the town. It only takes about 10 minutes to get to town depending on your beach house. Once we get our “ice cream” we eat it by the beach and watch the “zombies” (guys with metal detectors). Even though I hate fast food like DQ I have to go because it’s tradition.
Another place we go every year is Cape Henlopen. I normally bike there with my family and we meet up with Henry’s family (Aunt Michelle, Uncle Dan, Mike, and Chloe) and look for crabs during low tide. One time I was with Dexter and Henry during low tide looking for hermit crabs. The sand was soft and they were easy to find especially under the fishing dock (its really tall so we can easily fit under it). One crab I found had huge eyes and kept trying to pinch me. I named him Wacko. I was holding him when he came out of his shell and died. We gave him a funeral and renamed him Suicide Wacko.
Last year Henry’s family and mine were the only family’s that went to Lewes. One day my mom took me to Cape Henlopen by myself because Emily and Andrew (my siblings) were tired. Once we got there Henry, Mike and Uncle Dan were there too. We were basically alone except for a touring group and some clam harvesters. It’s illegal to harvest crabs and clams but people do it anyway. We started staring at them until one guy asked us it we wanted to try it. We said yes and he handed us a rake. We raked the soft sand until we found clams. After a few minutes we stopped, thanked the guy and went home.
Vacation is still fun after 12 years. Every year we do the same things, but something different always happens. Those little things are what make vacation fun.

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