November 4, 2007
By Teresa Tai, Richmond, ZZ

What is wrong with people? How can they suddenly go from happy little birdie to angry big monster? What is with all the mood swings? Why can’t they just try to swallow down their anger and enjoy their time? Why can’t they just let go? Is it so fun to be in anger-land? Why linger there?

It hurts.

Seeing your family break apart.
Seeing no communication available.
Seeing no hope.

A happy ending is turning sour. A sugar cube is poured into a bottle of vinegar.

This is hopeless.

Why do they fight so much? Can’t they just try and get along? What happened to happy, loving family? They are monsters. They gallop down happiness; they stomp on joy. They are the creation of anger.

“Forgive and Forget” is not reality. In real life, no one forgets. They might pretend to, but they did not forgive. Their own opinions and perspective are the most “accurate”. Their statements are knives—insults, filled with sarcasm and rage—but most of all—hatred.

So stubborn.

Isn’t marriage a wonderful thing? Is it really the bonding of two separate people into one whole person? Or is it just a myth. Happily ever after is a tale—a make-belief, for those who crave for joy. Marriage is just a big fake, a big fat lie. They don’t bond; they don’t connect; they don’t care! They are just two separate creatures trying to make a nest. One is a bee, one is a butterfly—they CANNOT combine. They are too different.
We, the children, are the prisoners. We are caged in the inescapable chamber. We are suffocating, trapped between our most beloved ones. We are the victims. We are stuck in a river full of death, between the two barren lands. It is torture.

Care and love only comes after—after the suffering, after we have been fried and whipped and burned, after a mark has been left—in our hearts. An ugly carved mark that will never disappear. A hug might cloud it; a kiss might flatten it, but it will never disappear. It will still be there, waiting for the right moment to attack, when the ugly fall out again. It is waiting, lurking in the shadow. It will appear again…

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