67’ Camaro

April 8, 2008
By William Johnson, Mexia, TX

About two years ago an event took place that would change my life, though I didn’t know it at the time. I made a simple decision that would dramatically affect me two years later.

We were driving from our quaint town of Mexia, Texas to Corsicana to pick up a car we left there a day ago. The events of this 30 minute drive were very basic - a simple conversation about my brother’s and my future, which included vehicles for us. But, once we approached Corsicana, I detached myself from the conversation and began scoping out the average-sized city, looking primarily for some cool classic cars. When turning onto a road that led to the older portion of the city, I glanced over and caught a glimpse of a white 67’ Camaro. It didn’t take more than a second for me to yell, “Dad! There was a Camaro for sale back there! We have to go check it out!” With that, he found a spot to turn around and we went back. My dad, my brother, and I fell instantly in love with this car. The owner of the service station showed us the car. We had a “family discussion” and decided to buy it. I was thrilled to have the car but it slowly sunk in that it wasn’t mine, it was my brother’s.


Two years later, my family and I were in our living room discussing my brother’s impending departure for college, which was now only a few months away. Inevitably, the issue of gas prices came up and my parents and my brother realized that he would need a fuel-efficient car, not the gas guzzling Camaro. Knowing my dad’s love of old cars, he would never give up that car unless absolutely necessary. That’s when I made my move, saying, “Hey I could take the Camaro if you want to buy Matt a new car!” Without a second thought my dad agreed, deciding it would be much better than buying two new cars. After I left the room I danced and sang in excitement - I finally had that white 67’ Camaro!

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riley22 said...
on Oct. 22 2008 at 4:42 pm
William is an extremely lucky guy. I know how he felt when his older brother got what he wanted, because I have an older brother of my own. The younger brother always seems to get what the older one got and sometimes more; they just have to wait longer. A 1967 Camaro is one good first car! I don’t see my parents going to a different town and buying a car that they don’t know anything about though. But, I know that my brother, dad, and I would’ve went and looked at it for sure just like William and his dad and brother.


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