Young and Invincible

December 13, 2007
When I was fourteen years old an event took place that had a major impact on my life. I was in eighth grade then and thought that I was young and invincible. Then I was in a car accident that completely altered my view of the importance of my life.
I remember that day so vividly, it was a Wednesday night, and I was on my way home from a middle school football game. My sister had picked me up and we were on our way to church when we got hit from behind. Neither of us saw it coming, and at this point in my life I thought that I was a goood kid. I rarely got into trouble and went to church every Wednesday and Sunday, but I had never had a real personal relationship with God. When we got to Campground Road my sister stopped to let one of our peers from ou church out of his driveway. A red Ford truck came over the hill behind us going so fast that he didn't have enough time to stop and ran right into the back of us.

I remember going into an immediate state of shock because I had never experienced an accident like this. Then when it finally hit me, and I realized what was going on I got out of the car and just looked at the car wondering how i could have possibly survived. I was in the backseat because my sister had a friend in the car also, and the trunk of my sister's honda was pushed all the way past the seat I was sitting in. Later on my parents arrived and we just all stopped and prayed, thanking God for being with us and protecting us. It was truly a moment of feeling relieved that everyone was alright and that God cared so much for us that he would protect us when it looked as if there was no way I should have survived.

Later that night I went to the hospital just to make sure that everything was alright and left with no severe injuries. It was amazing for me to walk out of the hospital with only a little whiplash and a few scratches from the glass. Once I got home I remember just crying hysterically thanking God for being with me in the car that day, and I decided that he was showing me how much he cared for me. I also realize now that he was telling me that he loved me enough to save me from an extreme car accident and that I needed to repay him by not ignoring him and to dedicate my life to him. The next Sunday at church I got saved and accepted Christ into my life as my savior. If it wasn't for that car wreck, I'm not sure that I would be who I am today. Also, I don't know if I would have such a wonderful and close relationship with God or be as thankful that I get to spend everyday with my friends and family here on Earth.

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