My Natural High Is To Play Video Games

November 27, 2007
By Anthony Maughan, Hamilton, TX

My natural high is video games. I get a rush of excitement from the jumps, running, escaping and speeding. When I really get into my games I can feel the breeze of air rushing across my face. It gets so intense I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happens next. Whether it’s going to be a high speed chase or a touchdown, my games get me so excited I never want to stop playing. My natural high has to be my video games.
Some video games can make you very intelligent because they have eye and hand coordination skills. For instance on football and adventure games, you have to choose the right path. Some times if you do not choose the right path you will not make it very far. In the game Ghost Recon you have to choose your strategies to accomplish your missions. That is how some video games can make you very intelligent through strategies and hand-eye coordination.

I stay away from drugs and alcohol so that I can play my video games and not be a loser. I don’t want to do drugs because I want to be in control of my life. Some people destroy their lives with drugs and don’t want to do anything with their lives. I want to go to the University of Texas so that I can play football. Some day I want to play professional football for the Seattle Seahawks. My natural high is playing my video games.

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