My Friends

November 27, 2007
By Marino Mejia, Hamilton, TX

My natural high is spending time with my friends. I can rely on them and they can help me with problems I have. I can talk to them because that’s what friends are for when you are alone. When I met new people, it’s easy to bond with one another. If I didn’t have any friends, I would probably be alone for the rest of my life. I care about my friends and also, friends are forever.

They are fun to hang out with and be enjoyed. They give me something to do or to be entertained. I can be proud of having friends and my goals I’ve reached. If I didn’t have any friends, I would make some very quickly. I enjoy their pleasure and company. When we go to the football games, they are fun and supportive to be with. I really don’t like cheer, but they make me do it and it feels great.

I have great and many friends to be around. If I happen to be involved with drugs, then I can kiss my entire friends goodbye. I don’t want that to ever happen to me. I don’t want to be lying in an ally and have drugs to be my only friend. I’d rather have my friends telling me that we are better and cooler than drugs. Drugs could ruin one of the greatest things in life. Losing my friends to drugs, for I will be righteously anger. I will not do drugs, and my friends will make sure of that.

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