November 26, 2007
I consider myself really good at singing, so I suppose that’s what you would call my natural high. I mostly sing country, although I can sing almost anything. When I sing I prefer to sing songs that are slow but at the same time fast. Songs that make you want to dance like no one is watching. I have always sang, supposedly even when I was three. Singing is something I will always do because it helps me escape from reality in a natural way. I would rather die than stop singing.

I consider singing my natural high because it makes me feel invincible. Singing is one of the many great joys of my life because it helps me calm down and relax in my free time, and that is all I ever really want to do. Singing also makes me unique because not too many people in my family can sing very well. It is also a confidence boost and gives me great pride in a way. Whenever I sing in front of someone for the first time they always say that I’m pretty good at it. I really like singing songs that relate to what is going on around me and how my life is progressing. Whenever I sing a song that tells a story, I can close my eyes and see what the song is saying.

Singing will always help me stay away from recreational drugs. Singing keeps my mind alert and clear, and helps me to do better on my grades and school work so maybe one day I will be able to go to a singing camp so that later on I will become a well known singer. I wish more people could find a natural high instead of turning random things into something you snort, smoke, or inject.
There are so many different ways singing inspired me that I couldn’t even begin to describe them all, but one thing I can say is that singing will always keep me away from drugs no matter what. I wish I could sing twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. I would be in heaven.

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