Lots of Highs

November 26, 2007
By Jordan Wells, Hamilton, TX

I have many natural highs. I am really good at lots of things that include music, such as playing the piano, dancing, singing, and playing the clarinet. What really gives me excitement, though, is when I go to my grandma’s ranch to ride horses. The reason I love it is because there are many ways you can ride. You could walk, run, trot, gallop, or jog, and you can also ride with a friend or by yourself. I love finding new places almost every time I ride.

Riding horses gives me pride because I am one of the only people in my family that can actually ride by myself without someone leading. Also, it gives me confidence about myself knowing that someone is depending on me to take care of them. When I am getting ready to ride I get really excited because I can’t wait to feel the wind on my face. I love to get away from the house and feel free. I also think it’s romantic. If I ever find a boyfriend that knows how, I want him to take me horseback riding. I get my enjoyment from being able to ride almost every weekend and on holidays. I hate when it rains, though, because it gets to muddy to ride.

Horseback riding motivates me ton stay away from drugs because I might end up hurting our horses if I get high. There are many ways I could hurt them. For example, if I was smoking, they could get hurt by smoke inhalation. It also motivates me because if I get caught I would get grounded. When my mom grounds me she doesn’t let me leave the house except for school and emergencies.

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