Hunting memory

November 21, 2007
By Joey Ackerson, Everson, WA

We were in the Toyota driving along the side of a clear cut. My dad’s friends Tony and Dale were in Tony’s Toyota in front of us my dad was looking out the window into a clear cut and I was looking into the woods
Then my dad stopped and said hand me the binoculars I think I see a deer standing partly behind a stump Tony and Dale kept going up and around the corner then my dad said call them back I think Its a 3 point maybe a 4 point so I got on the walky talky and told them to head back this way when they got back we had to figure out what we were going to do because the deer was like 500 yards to far for are guns and it’s behind a stump with just its head and back legs standing out.
So my dad said he will hike along this old grassy road you cant drive down on the left side of the deer so he could get within 200 yards of it and be able to see it better then Dale said I’ll hike on the other side of the clear cut down the right side that way I can cover you in case it runs down along the bottom. So they both took off hiking my dad took my 30-30 because it was a more accurate gun and Dale took his 30-30 while me and Tony staid at the truck by that time it started poring down rain and it was cold.
About ten minutes later they were both in the clear cut we couldn’t see Dale any more but we could see my dad about five minutes later Dale came on the Walky Talky and said I see a spike should I shoot then before we could answer we heard a gun shot then a loud scream then I came on the walky talky and said to my dad is that normal he said no I have never heard of a deer do that. Then my dad came back on a said is my deer gone Tony said nope still there then my dad said but I just seen him run off Tony said its still standing behind the stump were it was. There was another buck in the clear cut.
So my dad kept hiking and I made my way over to dales side to catch him when I started down the clear cut I got to him in like five minutes He showed me his spike he shot he shot it right through the spine but it was a nice deer after that we started heading down the clear cut about five minutes later we herd a gun shot then two more then my dad came on the walky talky and said I’m out of dang bullets and he’s on the run then Dale Mr. Rifle man stand’s on a stump and starts unloading his gun on the deer but he missed and the deer ran right down over the hill. My dad said to me on the radio He thought he hit it because he seen the shock wave go through the deer when he shot but we didn’t go look for it because were it ran was to hard to get to and he ran off like he wasn’t going to stop for miles.
So Dale kept hiking down to the tree line to see if he could spook anything else up. I went back to dales spike and waited there for my dad and Tony to come to the landing above me about 80 yards away. When I got up there and I was waiting there I heard something behind me when I looked up I seen the back legs of a deer jumping into a bush I was like that’s nice about twenty minutes later my dad and Tony got to the landing above me my dad started to hike down by that time Dale was with me When my dad got down to where we were Dale and my dad started pulling it up the hill behind me, I was packing the rifles when we got about twenty yards from the landing Tony through down a rope we tied the rope to the deer then we got up to the trucks and then Tony started driving down the road pulling the deer up the hill when it got to the landing Dale hurried to bleed the deer because if you let the blood sit in the deer to long it will wreck the meat after he bled it out he started to clean it he cut down the deer’s stomach and then started pulling the gut’s out he had to be careful with the bladder and the gull bladder because that will wreck the meat also after he got done cleaning it we put it in the back of Tony’s truck and went off to hunt some more.

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