November 15, 2010
By relyt BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
relyt BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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push forth into life and the affort will pay off

Evania Rivera is a women with 5 children a husband and a house to take care of, except she had one problem, cancer bom,bom,bom,bommm! After they diagnosed her with the cancer every thing went from bad to worse. first Evania lost her job at the Solon that she owned then she lost the house, so they had to move from California all the way to Colorado. when they reached Colorado they started treatment for the cancer. they gave her kemo therapy and put her on medication, “that make her feel like she was hit by a truck” to help with the pain. while she was going through this, the support from her family helped allot with the emotional part of it all. yet still she was struggling with the cancer an one side, and raising a family on the other. so she fought on and a few years later she had Finlay gotten rid of the cancer.

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