If only i knew

October 27, 2007
If only i knew you felt the same way as i do. things wouldnt run wild in my head. Thinking as if you like her, never was i correct. Sure enough i pulled away. The spaces grew futher, never was it the same. i blame my stubborn self. Who knew it would turn out this way. Ive lost a good thing for my own mistakes. My picture fades as another reappears. I pushed you away as i try to bring back what can never be brought back. It's a waste of effort. Target my heart, i took the hit and bullseye all over. One awaits, it's still a blur I know ill make the same mistake, i always did. Hidden secrets, who knew it was for me too. Unspoken words left unsaid. My mouth opens as it moves to the silence of my words. If i only knew, i wouldnt have to die with my "What ifs?" Its ashame how i let this one go. I need to stop, i gotta stop, its impossible. Good friends, thats all were going to be. Im gone left with shattered thoughts. I could have you wrapped around my finger, it loosens as someone snaps it apart.

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