I’m a sixteen year old girl

October 26, 2007
By Laura Carter, Cincinnati, OH

I’m a sixteen year old girl. I live in an okay neighborhood but it is still not the safest place to walk around at night. But life is good. My friends say I work too hard and play too little, but that’s okay, because what they do not know is that for me my work is play.I get home from school where I don’t really know too many people, I don’t really fit in. I have a few friends but most people I don’t get past acquaintance. My last class leaves me confused, numbers and letter should not be mixed together, leave the bad and the good separated. But it is the end of the day and the end of the week, this makes life all good. The traffic on the little side road my school sits on is bad. It feels like it took an hour to get on to the main road, really it was 10 minutes. I’m only running a little bit late now. Life is still good.I get home and search for my work clothes. I find them down stairs on top of the dryer. I smell the shirt, it’s clean. My mom must have done the laundry for me. Life is good. I change and brush my hair for the first time since last night. I put on my makeup and head down the stairs. My shoes are where I left them, under the couch. I grab a bottle of water and I am out the door 15 minutes early to make up for the 10 minutes I was running late. Life is good for the moment.  Hillary Duff is playing on the radio. Switch. Talk radio. I put my favorite C.D in, “Take This to Your Grave”, this makes life good. I get to work on time and still have a parking spot and don’t have to park all the way down at Rick’s. Life is good. I walk into work pulling my work shirt on over my tee-shirt. I smile at Mary who is running around, her hair is tame, she must be in a good mood. This makes life good. I stand outside talking to Cameron and Kyle as they suck on their cancer sticks. I have been trying to get them quite for a while now, but who ever listens to me? Not many. But that is okay, because life is good. The night ends for the happy couple and their guests; the night starts for us. It is my turn to run the vacuum. The vacuum is my enemy; it is just out to trip me. But that is okay because life is good because a bunch of us are going to I-Hop after work. We sit in a booth that is red vinyl. The waitress took our order and that was about 20 minutes ago. We are starting to get impatient; none of us ate because when you see the food cooked it is not at all appetizing. We get our food and shovel it down like the waitress will take it away before we are done. We say our goodbyes...

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