December 14, 2007
Can a whole friendship be determined by a single principle? Does the length of a friendship rely on your devotion to that person? Loyalty is found in the best of friendships. I believe that being loyal will create a strong friendship.
Being unique can sometimes single a person out. It happens too many and some do not like it. A classmate of mine a few years back was one of those people. He had a different personality than most and he too as a person that was singled out because of a difference. I noticed this and saw the frustrating look people get when people cross the line. I considered him my friend so I stopped my own “smart mouth comments” and disapproved of others making jokes. Saying things like “not cool man” or “quit messing around”. Because of this the jokes died and he opened up so others and myself could understand him. Come to find out he was and still is a funny easygoing guy. Without my loyalty to him I feel that he might have become a mean and friendless person.
Loyalty is shown in many ways. The two basic ways that most see is by what is said and what is done. A game fest is a party where people play video games for a whole night. I went to one of these parties because I enjoy them and many of my best friends also attend. One of my friends was unable to come to the party for reasons of his own but for some reason another one of my friends didn’t want people to invite him to game fests any more. His reasons were that he was annoying and always ruined the night. This was an absurd reason because he has a style and point of view that is so original that he brings a mood that only he could create. I did not let him sway my loyalty because I did not turn my back on the friend who could not stand up for himself at the time. I did not let it go and the others chose not to be disloyal. He is still on good terms with me and my other buds.
I learn about loyalty the hard way. In elementary school I had a friend that was just a bit older. We were good friends too because we hung out all the time. Then time came and he had to go to the middle school. It was harder to hang out and when we could I didn’t want to. I didn’t care about his friendship any more. I turned my back and we drifted apart. Now we are just school mates that say “hello” in the halls and that’s it. He did not want a disloyal friend and I don’t blame him either.
A loyal friend is the best type of friend. Being loyal is all about supporting and sticking with your friends. In the end the only friend I want are the ones who are loyal.

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