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Mother & Father Linda & Steve E. MAG

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   I'velived with you for just over four years now, but you don't know how grateful Iam. Before I arrived at your home, you bought me Christmas presents, not becausemy biological parents were poor but because they were too busy worrying aboutdrugs. They didn't care that we didn't have food; they only thought aboutspending money on drugs and cigarettes. They didn't work, but you do, you earnthe money you spend. You treated me like your child even before you adopted me,even though I was only your niece. You gave up your lives and took me in.

When I lie or don't listen, I get so angry at myself. How can I be badwhen all you do is care? Mom, I love that when you do something, you don't leaveanyone out. I appreciate it when you bring things home from the store for us whenyou were supposed to have been shopping for yourself.

You taught me torespect people. You did stuff with me my own mother never did, like jump rope, domy hair, take me shopping and teach me to sew. I love that after you come homefrom work and have to cook and clean, you still help with homework. I don't knowhow you do it, but you do it well.

Dad, I love when you come home fromwork and have so much energy to fool around or take us kids for a ride. I lovewhen you take me to work with you on the weekends to prepare me for a job. What Ilike best is when we go on vacation and something goes wrong, you always make itfun, to make us happy.

If anything were to happen to you, I wouldn't wantto live. You are the best people on earth. I can never repay you for what you didfor me, and I will never forget it either. I don't show you enough that I loveyou, or thank you enough.

If there were a "Best Parents"award I think you, Mom and Dad, should win it. I don't know anyone else who'dtake in four nieces and a nephew with three boys of their own. I wish kids wouldstop complaining about their parents (unless they do what my biological parentsdid to me). I wish I could talk to kids who complain and ask if they'd ratherhave parents who don't care about paying their rent or bills, or that their kidshave no clothes, food, heat or electricity.

When I came to live in yourhouse, I didn't realize how bad my life was. I want to write this so other peoplecan see how much you care about me. I also wrote it to show you my undying lovefor you. I love you. You are the best parents in the world, and I want everybodyto know.

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i love this so much!