Showing Our Love

What if you never gave people the chance to show their love? You just gave up and never gave someone the chance to show how then feel. I think that we would miss out on great experiences, and suffer along the way. I believe that those who love us just may not know how to show it.

Being a teenager is hard work. You have sports, school, relationships, and not enough time to fit it all in. We only have two hands for crying out loud! On top of that half the time we think the world is out to get us, at least I do. Maybe you feel that your boyfriend or girlfriend could care less if you took a cannon ball right off of the Eifel Tower! Boys are tough, let me tell you. Ok so you call them during the big Steelers game and it’s like, “ Meagen how was your day…oh! Run, no, tackle. Turn around… awe man that sucks! Oh I’m sorry what were you saying?” Uh-huh should I just curl up and jump now? It’s not always that same scenario though. Sometimes just when you need them, there they are arms open waiting for you. I believe sometimes those who love you dearly just don’t know how to show it.

People may be there with open arms, or even thrashing arms to shoo you away. I know most grandmas are cute old ladies, who bring you money and clothes that would maybe look go on a fourth grader. Well mine is too… eh sort of. Okay well, she’s a bit dominating, but I just know it’s out of love. “Thump thump!” As I look down I notice my grandma’s dog Suzie was entangled in a big wad of a leash. That putrid dog had wound herself not once or twice but three times around the table leg. As the dog whimpered to get free my grandma would tug the leash to shut her up, hence the “thump thump!” Obviously my grandma wasn’t aware that the dog was in such a mess… so I told her to stop her tugging! My grandma had lit the fuse and fired of her rocker, spitting words at me fifty miles an hour. “I’m sorry, ah please!” Nothing could take up for what I had done… ordered an adult around. I believe my grandma still loves me, just isn’t clear on how to show it sometimes.

Family members can always be crazy or sometimes just seem cold. I can remember my brother excitedly packing to move into his new apartment very clearly. I can see that right arm swaying from side to side as he backed down the driveway. He’s gone and out, the house seemed almost vacant. My mom was upset… I’d never seen her cry before, but I knew that I had to stay strong, not only for me but for everyone. My brother carelessly doesn’t show up at our door much anymore. Not for a particular reason just for the fact of meeting bigger and better things. But I believe that he still loves me, he just scrambled up his priorities.

One way or another, you have to accept life and what comes with it. People will not always be there to hand you everything you want, but that doesn’t mean they will keep it to themselves. Eventually feelings will show, and life goes on.

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