Unpredictable life

December 13, 2007
Do you believe that life is unpredictable? Many people do including me. Most people believe because they have experienced or have seen one occur, and so do I; I’ve experienced lots of unexpected things until now, and so on. I believe that unexpected thing happens in our life and it could be in any forms, could be bad and could be good.
It was the last day of my 8th grade year. We were so excited about summer vacation and high school stuff. But the happy moment end its report-card-time. Some kids already had gotten their score sheets jumped because they got a bad, bad score. Smart kids were rejoicing I obviously could see that because their score satisfied them. In a while my home room teacher called my name. I didn’t feel scared of nervous, because I knew that my grade would be like last year which was not that high but also not so low. Finally my home-teacher called my name and I handed my grade sheet with no such an expectation. But guess what? Holy! I had the highest score! All A’s from all classes! I got 3 awards from Math, Science and Language Arts, 2 honors from Music and Art. Since then I believed that life is unpredictable! Joyfully!

But bad things also happen. 2 years ago I had a wonderful boyfriend named Bernald Joe. He used to be my friend but later he asked me to go out, and I said yes. He was popular not just because he was handsome. He was also gentle, mature, extremely smart, and he had a sweet smile. Bernald and I had great day therefore I was happy. I thought everything went great but not at all. My best girl friend named Kim who was popular… and cute, smart (I think she was prettier than me), and she asked Bernald to go out with her even he has girl friend which is me. If you were in this situation, what could you do? Yelling at your BF or beg to your boyfriend not to choose her? I shocked and frustrated I didn’t want to lose friendship and my puppy love either. Unpredictably, 2 days later Bernald went out with Kim.

3 years ago the biggest story happened. I was born in South Korea and I lived there for 12 years. Korea is my home-country so I didn’t even imagine that I would live out of Korea. But like always something happened. My parents gathered older sister, little brother and me in the living room. They said that “next month we will move to America for dad’s studies.” I knew that we will move to somewhere for dad’s studies, but not out of Korea. At first I struggled because I knew that if I moved to America I couldn’t see my Best friends (not Kim anymore), my house, cousins, grandmother, my puppy and class mates! I hated to leave my memories behind, but it is obvious that I kids can’t change adult’s decision, and kids should follow the, and I had to follow that.

My Grandmother told me that life is unpredictable but I can try to handle it. If good things happen? Enjoy them. If bad things happen? Then I need to be strong and overcome, with hope and determination. Now I am always tried to be enjoy and overcome the unpredictable thing. Lastly I know that there will be a lot more challenges from unpredictable things.

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