The Importance of Family

December 17, 2007
By Jace Jordan, Lilburn, GA

It’s almost a proven fact that America loves sports. They especially love football. Football is a great game to watch and play. You can play it anywhere from your backyard to a televised stadium with hundreds of thousands of fans cheering for you. The population of America loves football, and I am no different. Every year I go to University of Georgia football games with my grandfather, and I love it. Now I feel the need to express in words the joy and satisfaction I experience when I sit with him at those games.

Sitting with my grandfather at those Georgia games has really taught me most of what I know about the sport. My grandfather has watched a great many football games in his life, and he knows a lot about it. We talk about the game during timeouts, and he explains plays and calls that I don’t understand. Not only is watching the game together a fun and educational experience for me, it’s also a great time to bond over a great sport.

Our day usually starts off by our family or at least my mother and me coming over to my grandparents’ house in Athens. We only live about an hour away so it’s not too hard to drive me over for the games. After we get there we might sit and eat and talk for a while as my grandfather and I get ready for the game. Then we head over to Sanford Stadium, the UGA football stadium, one of my favorite places in the world.

When we arrive at Sanford Stadium there are always already thousands of people proudly wearing those red and black colors as they spill into the stadium. My grandfather has season tickets to the home games so we never have trouble getting seated. So we go into the stadium and sit down in our regular seats and prepare for the opening kick. From this point on our eyes are glued to the field and the scoreboard as we watch our usually victorious Bulldogs make us proud. The whole Stadium will go up into cheers and we will smile as we know that the Dawgs have done it again.

As I said, this is always a great time for me. I love to watch the games, I love to listen to the announcers, and I love to hear the fans roar, but most of all I love sitting with my grandfather as we bond over a great experience. I love to hear what my Grandfather has to say, and I think he listens to me, too. These opportunities are very important to me, because that man is very important to me. Whether our team does win or not, I always leave with a smile as I know that he and I have gotten to know each other just that much more.

I guess what I’m writing about isn’t really football games, it’s a message. I’m calling out to anybody who reads this. You should cherish the moments that you have with anyone close to you, and you should find something that can really connect you with that person. I think that watching these games with my grandfather has really taught me some of what’s important to me. I’ve learned that one of the most important things to me in my whole life is my family.

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