The Pudding

April 25, 2008
By Danielle Ball, Orem, UT

In eighth grade, one of my favorite courses was my foods class. Foods class was extremely popular because of the chance to eat food in class. Usually, because of distraction, eating during class was not allowed, so having actual assignments to prepare and eat food was a miraculous event. On one particular day we were making chocolate pudding with our cooking group. All we had to do was blend milk and the pudding mix together. It wasn’t a challenge as an assignment, but no one cared because we got to eat the pudding we made. My group and I were having a lot of fun mixing up our pudding. The best part came when it was time to sample our pudding. We all began stuffing spoonfuls of the still runny, yet glorious chocolate pudding into our mouths. When we realized how incredibly messy we were we burst into laughter, splattering pudding everywhere. But it got worse for Martha (name has been changed). Martha had braces at that time so when she laughed, her gooey, chocolate covered braces were very messy and extremely visible. We all paused, looked at Martha, and began to laugh even harder, Martha included. All of a sudden Martha unexpectedly began to wail, the kind of wail that can capture the attention of anyone within a mile radius. We all looked at her, puzzled. She had gone from laughing hysterically to bawling in 1.2 seconds. We helped her clean up and the incident was over as quickly as it began. Martha stopped crying and went about our business as if nothing ever happened. Martha remembers this experience as horrible and embarrassing. But I chuckle each time I remember the chocolate pudding.

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