Getting Older

May 13, 2010
When you were little did you ever imagine life would be so hard? Did you ever even think about how much love really hurts? No, you didn't. You were just a child with big dreams and an open heart. The meanest thing someone ever did was cut you in line. Now you have so much more to worry about. It's all about how today, your "best friend" called you this name or did this, someone's trying to get with your boyfriend, or something like that. The issues aren't so little as they once were. And why no? Why did suddenly everything become so difficult? Maybe it's not one person, but all the people. You know you probably say some stuff you shouldn't. If everyon's doing it, doesnt it add up? And sure, everyone has their own little story about how the issue went and they're NEVER at fault. If it's not their fault is it yours? No, that's not right either. And guess what? It only gets worse. As you grow up the truth becomes less and less easy to find. Why can't everything just go back to Kindergarden?

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