May 6, 2010
Tapped: the movie really opened my eyes to how awful plastic bottles are, and how much we depend on them. People don’t realize what they are putting in their bodies when they drink out of a plastic bottle. The movie showed that if you were to drag a net behind you in the middle of the ocean that there are more bits of plastic then there are living organisms. About 60% plastic in the study they conducted. Also most plastic bottles aren’t recycled. Mainly because people buy and carry plastic bottles and don’t bring them home to recycle them. The movie illustrated that most bottled water is just tap water that has been modified. And that Nestle water will just go into little towns, mostly in Maine, and just take their water and sell it back to them for over a thousand times the cost. Nestle water is the biggest water company in America and it is known by a few different names like, Arrowhead, Ice Mountain, Pure Life, and Poland Spring. Coca-Cola is also another big water company, they are known by Aquafina. It was a good movie that really opened my eyes. And now I don’t really want to drink out of plastic bottles anymore.

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