March 18, 2010
By NeverShoutLisa SILVER, Mountain Home, Arkansas
NeverShoutLisa SILVER, Mountain Home, Arkansas
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In Life, there are tears, smiles & memories. The tears dry, the smiles fade, but the memories last forever.

Being chosen to have your face on a stamp would be a huge honor. Everyone from John F. Kennedy to Marilyn Monroe has had their face on a stamp. If I could choose the person whose face would appear on the next printing of the stamp, I wouldn’t just choose one person, id choose five. These five people aren’t famous, but all of them very well could be. I would choose Them Guys & That One Girl, the greatest youth worship band in history. Them Guys & That One Girl consists of David F., Bruce G., Aaron H., Matthew H., and me, Lisa O. We should be on the next stamp because we influence so many people by leading them to God, we all work hard at our musical skills, and we’re all just so totally awesome.
Ask anyone from my youth group who influences you most here and more chances then not, they’ll say one of the five people from our band. Several people have come up to us, telling us that they admire what we do, and that they couldn’t imagine doing it every Wednesday. The past 10 months that we’ve been playing, so many people have been saved during our services. It’s great to open my eyes and see around thirty teenagers praising God, not caring what anyone around them thought.
Everyone, except me, is experienced musicians. The boys have been playing their instruments for no less than a year each, I’ve only been singing for about eleven months and playing guitar for two. Our practices are a very serious time for us, well, most of the time anyway. Nearly every Monday night, we get together at our church and practice for about two hours together so we can play on Wednesday during our youth service. We spend the time working on the three to six songs we’ve chosen to play that week. After we practice, we usually just mess around and hang out until our youth pastor throws us out. We’re all usually together, just hanging out & talking, or whatever. If you find one of us, you’ll most likely find at least one more person.
We have only been together for about ten months, but we all just mesh so well together. Our first practice was amazing. We had to play to a CD because not everyone knew the song, but by the end of the practice, we were all nearly 100 percent in sync with each other. Over the summer, we all got closer, after band practices; we would hang out together until we had to head home. Those summer nights will always be held in my heart. We stayed up late, talked all night, through all the hard times that summer, those nights kept me alive.
If I had a say on who would be on the next stamp, I would defiantly choose Them Guys and That One Girl. Even though we’re all still young, we influence many people and lead them to God. We also are hard workers when it comes to our musical skills, practicing weekly together, and who knows how much on our own free time. Them Guys and That One Girl, the greatest youth worship band ever, a group that comes synonymous with friendship.

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