March 10, 2010
By kd80123 BRONZE, Na, New Hampshire
kd80123 BRONZE, Na, New Hampshire
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I think it is almost impossible to forget someone who was once the only reason you smiled.

Family, love, friends, pets, death, music can all hurt you, or make you stronger or teach you amazing things. This world is full of people who love you, but I have learned one thing in my many years of searching. I have been searching for love, to try and find the one. How does this happen you might say? Well it hasn’t yet. And it won’t for a while. A friend gave me this advice, and it was something I would write all around my room, say to myself at night, and constantly think about. I hope you know, that this advice will probably not touch you the way it touched me, but if you think about it, it has a special meaning, and something in which you can look back on, and always remember. I have been following this quote or this statement for a long time. I have been trying and fighting like everything to do this. I’m young, but I’m in love, being who I was, affected me terribly, I got a fresh start, this advice helped me get over my depression, and my search for the one. This is an amazing piece of advice for me, well here it is: “You can’t love anyone else, until you love yourself.”

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