My if only dream

March 8, 2010
By JessicaT GOLD, Baltimore, Maryland
JessicaT GOLD, Baltimore, Maryland
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The night I dreamt of him was wonderful. Although it was a dream it took me away. It all started when it looked like I had walked into a Halloween themed bakery. I was with some people but I didn’t know who they were cause I couldn’t see the faces. Then I saw him! He worked at this Halloween themed bakery. I couldn’t believe my eyes it was like BAM!!! So we sat down at a table and told my friends about him. They should I should go up and talk to him so I did (in real life I probably wouldn’t). I walked over to him and it looked like he was making something that called for a lot of butter. I say something that I don’t remember but them I ask him for his number he said “sure”.. So we both look for a piece of blank paper but cant find any, so he just grabs one and writes his number down. Next thing I know we are be hind a empty table and he asks me the weirdest question “are you a superbowl dancer” I say “what do I look like to you?”. then the table behind us start to fill up so before he could answer some girl grabbed him and pulled him down next to her in another chair. He gave me a look so I left. Then I notice it was snowing so I go out to shovel the snow and there he is shoveling the looks at me with a smile and asks “ can we talk?’ this is all I could remember but it was better than not dreaming about at all. It was amazing!!!

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