Not Just a Name

March 4, 2010
By Anonymous

The first title you are given is your name. For me, it is means a lot. Alexandra, which is of Greek origin, means “defender of man.” However, I feel it doesn’t literally mean defender of man, but defender of what I believe in. I feel that is the main goal in my life. If I don’t believe in something, I encourage a change, just like what my name, Alexandra means. Throughout my life, I have learned many valuable lessons that have shaped me as to whom I am today. What I remember most is the first day I kicked a black and white ball, and fell in love with it.

It just stayed there, as I glared into the soccer ball as the warm September sun towered over me. As I started for the ball, while I took each step, my cleats sunk in the moist grass. I was coming face-to-face with the sport that challenged me the most, soccer. As my brother was showing-off his moves, I stood there in awe. Each time I looked at the clock, it felt a minute turned into a second, and I was dreading going to the first soccer practice. I felt the butterflies in my stomach fly around my stomach. My brother, Anthony, taught me how to dribble, play defense, and what I felt was the worst part, shooting. My brother spent 3 long, hot hours helping me with my footwork, and proper instructions of shooting. Not only that, but that day he gave up doing what he wanted to do, to help me. Those made me feel very proud and special. Little did Anthony or I think I would score my first goal the next day when I had my first game. By the help of Anthony, he taught me hard work truly does pays off. I may not be the as good as he is, but I’m improving, and with the effort I put into becoming a soccer player, will show. Some people really do make a difference!

When many people think of mothers, they think of someone who harasses them and makes them do their chores. I feel the relationship with my mom is quite different. I feel like my mom is a big sister who has experienced what I’ve been through, and knows the answer to everything. Over the years, my brother, Anthony has wanted many new and expensive items. The day that stuck out to me most was when he wanted a new iPod, which seemed to shine in his head, like a trophy he wanted badly. As he approached my mother with a spoiled attitude, demanding a new iPod, the look on my mother’s face sank down, and disappointment grew. Growing up in a chaotic house with 14 brothers and sisters, my mom learned how to be appreciative of what she has. When my brother said the ungrateful remark, all life stopped. The angry look on the face of Anthony quickly disappeared, and a sympathetic, frightful remark quickly filled it as he saw the reaction of my mom. My mom then told him about the unsanitary conditions some people live in, and he has it good. Watching this incident, taught me never to act inappreciative. Through the years, I encourage my sister and brother to be grateful, and even though I might sound like a nag, I still have to say it because that is what I believe in. The practice of what my mother has preached over the years finally paid off to me. The lesson my mom taught me is truly who I am today. I may take it far; however, I feel it is better to be too appreciative, then careless of what I have. I owe that all to my mom, who I love so much.

When many people think of their best friend, they think of someone in whom they trust and can share a good laugh with. However, when I think of my best friend Cortney, I think of a role model. The day I remember most was about a year ago on a hot day in late April with our legs sticking to the lunch tables. Cortney sat their with an excited look on her face as she mentioned trying out for track. While I was remembering the hot, long, brutal running experiences in the past, I easily said no, without a thought. Hearing the fun times Cortney has had with the teammates, and how it’s helped her with soccer, I silently reevaluated my decision in my head. After long lunches of persuasion, I changed my decision. For I would be participating in a school sport, and I would be doing it with my friend. Cortney’s eyes grew wide and she quickly jumped up in her seat, as if she just sat on a thumbtack. As we practiced long hours on the track as the hot sun shined, Cortney taught me all her running tricks. I learned from this experience hard work pays off I the end. Not only that, but I learned to have a good friend, you have to be a good friend back. Now I love running, I look back on how thankful I am for trying something new. Now, I try to be the greatest friend to my friends as I can be. Heck, now I can run a mile in 6 minutes, and think that those who don’t try, they have nothing to lose. I owe the best times full of adventure and adrenaline to my friend.

“Defender of man.” In the future I hope to defend what I believe in. I can’t really say I do defend what I believe in now, considering I’m only 13. However, in the future, I hope to rescue dogs who are living in terrible Puppy Mills, and become a lawyer. I hope to use the lessons taught to me by my peers, because I know they will stick with me throughout my life. After all, I have a great friend, brother, sister, and mother to help me, and I love sports. The best thing I know I can do throughout my life is be myself!

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on Mar. 16 2010 at 9:17 pm
dbz11119 SILVER, Baltimore, Maryland
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This is nice. I like it a whole lot. That's my name, too! :D


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