Never give up

February 11, 2010
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My farther once told me, “Never give up and follow your dreams”. Then after he told me, Right then I notice that my family is really there for me and always going to be there and no matter what happens, when I need help or have advice I can always ask my family because they support me. For the future I am never going to give up. In my life right now, one really good thing unique about me is that I have a wonderful boyfriend that is always there for me. He is everything to me and he also tells me to never give up and try my hardest, just like my father.

The perfect future for me would be to graduate, get a good paying job, go to college, get married and start a family. My passion is to be a photographer or a basketball player. I would love to be a photographer and travel the world and take many kinds of different pictures. Taking pictures to me is really cool and amazing because you can travel all around the world and use the camera to take different kind of shots from far away or even up close. Being a photographer is really important to me and would really help out my future. Also when I take pictures at home or some where I keep focus and jus have fun with it. For the basketball player that would be my second choice because I love to play ball and have fun and pretty much get all my anger out and forget all the bad things that have happen. Once when I was in 9th grade I played ball for the school, I was dribbling the ball down the court then out of no where this girl came up behind me and called me something that I didn’t like at all. So I threw the ball at her leg and got a technical foul. When I am playing ball I have to let my anger out with running up and down the court, getting the ball and making a shot, trying my hardest. All these would make my dream but, it won’t happen if I stop giving up and try my best more.

There are thousand of scholarships out there in the United States and I think that the Mapleton Education Foundation Scholarship would be best for me because I can meet my dreams by keep trying, never giving up and also planning out my future a little bit more. I should be chosen for this scholarship because I work hard, I am a fun person, outgoing those are some reason why I should be chosen. The main reason would be is that I am always welling to try new things and try my best.

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