thanksgiving mishap

December 10, 2009
By nia pettway BRONZE, San Francisco, California
nia pettway BRONZE, San Francisco, California
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one time after thanksgiving, my mom made a delicious red velvet cake. she sat it by the oven before we went to church, and my dad ame in before we left and turned the oven on. my mom had to throw away half of the whole cake because of what my dad did. the cake started to get moldy and you could see the green spots forming on the top. i was mad at first, but i decided that i was going to make one for my birthdayy since it was on the 23rd of december. my mom said she would help me and make sure that my dad didn't make the same mistake that he did before. i forgive him now, but i will be angry for a long time if he ruins my red velvet cake. have anything like this ever happen to you or any one youu know? tell me what you think of yhis entry so i can improve my next one. THANKS!

The author's comments:
this is another time where my dad messed up big time because i didn't get to taste the cake

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