Someone Else Will Do It

November 24, 2009
By lauratpfr SILVER, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
lauratpfr SILVER, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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In a quiet neighborhood, screams of agony awoke an apartment building. People opened windows and turned on lights to see what was going on. The conjectures of what was happening ranged from a lover’s quarrel to the truth, but all were too afraid to accept it. Kitty, a fellow neighbor and friend, was being stabbed to death in front her domicile. Half an hour elapsed before she died. If someone would have called the police, she could be alive. 38 people witnessed the lurid crime, and didn’t do anything about it.
So why didn’t anyone call 911? Some were afraid, some too lazy. But most didn’t want to take responsibility. Everyone figured someone else knew what was happening, and someone else would call the police. The problem is, who is someone else if everyone is thinking it? Are people’s rules of responsibility so lax, that they feel they can push the problem aside in hopes of another to take it on?
Before you begin to judge, think about how many times you do this. Because everyone does it. It is simple psychology. People see a problem and if it doesn’t affect them directly, they assume someone else will take care of it. As the human race, it is everyone’s responsibility to look out for others. It would be better for 10 people to try and help someone than no one. Situations in the future similar Kitty’s can be obviated if everyone took responsibility for a problem, rather than saying, “Someone else will do it.”

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