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August 16, 2009
By Brittney Carter BRONZE, Calumet Park, Illinois
Brittney Carter BRONZE, Calumet Park, Illinois
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I wanna be remembered for the unconditional love i offer, the kisses i give, & the poems i write you. Time apart has made me realize how much i really want you. Come back! I need you bad! For what we're worth I'll meet you. Because I'm in deep like & I'd be a fool to let you slip. You've changed me for the better, on my heart you've gotten a grip.
I've been away for some time and now I'm taking some personal days.
Because you complain you never see me, i got a car in my mothers' name.
All excuses aside.
The goal is to know you all over again.
Ready? Get ready to witness this transformation. The Rebirth of Ms. C. Excellence much anticipated.
Guys wait. Guys be waiting to see if we'll last long.
They just dont know that the things we go through is good enough fuel to make the flames blaze as strong.
Anything worth having is working damn hard for.
Pushing double shifts so im able to experience your love double galore.
& ima give you all of me so you aint out here searching for more.
But im far from your average chick, Im coming through a different venue.
Making love to your motives & thoughts, cuz sex isnt on my menu.
So guys around the way whisper "Yea..She's weird"
Being a 17 year old virgin...well i guess i am.
Call me what you wanna, its a choice Im making.
Cathedrals surrounded about like my goodies are sacred.

The author's comments:
i was inspired to write this piece because the situations i've seen friends & family members go through & experience. Not to mention my own set of beliefs. Hope You Enjoy.

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