The First Guy To Notice Me.

July 21, 2009
By Courtney Williams BRONZE, Hickory, Mississippi
Courtney Williams BRONZE, Hickory, Mississippi
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We were planning on going to Geyser Falls. Unfortunately, Shelby’s step dad called to tell us it was closed. I was sitting in one of my best friend’s mom’s car. It was Shelby, her little brother Brandon, his friend Cameron, and I.
After we decided on going to the mall awhile, and doing what regular 13-year-old girls would do (scoping out cute guys, going into funky stores to old for us, and discussing how skanky we felt walking around the mall in our bathing suits even though we had shirts over it and I had a skirt while she had short shorts.), her mom decided it was time to go.
“I guess we failed at trying to get some guys attention.” I told her walking back.
“Yeah, I didn’t know that pink shirt had a girl.” She said, talking about one that especially got our attention.
I was used to not getting paid attention. At school I never turned heads. Shelby had once gotten 6 guys to talk to her. So if any one did look, it would probably be at her.
Cameron had shouted that he wanted ice cream, so we pulled into a random McDonalds.
After ordering a cone and sitting down at a booth, Shelby and me noticed a really cute guy walking in.
We started giggling for no reason at all. Then Brandon came over.
“Courtney, that guy is looking at you.” He said.
Of course, I looked over at the cute guy just in enough time to see him look down.
“Oh, My gosh!” I exclaimed. “Shelb, was he really?”
“Yeah, he’s looking again.”
“Holy crap.” I said.
After we started eating I would look at him, and in the corner of my eye I could barely see him looking at me. One time, we both looked at the same time and that kind of turned awkward.
During the time of all of this Brandon would laugh every time he looked at me. And crack jokes, but thankfully, Cute Guy had a little sister, and they were in that area behind the glass in the play place area.
I was so happy; he was the first guy to ever notice me.
“Do you think I should wave?” I asked Shelby.
“ I don’t know.” She said, and instead pushed my cone in my face laughing.
I started laughing too, and when I moved to get napkins, Cute Guy saw and he started smiling. I had to smile too.
Sadly, we soon had to go. But this is my favorite part; because it makes me know for certain that it wasn’t Shelby he was looking at. After every on else walked out, I looked at him when he looked at me, and he smiled and waved. Grinning so big, I waved back. When I walked out I screamed, “SHELBY HE WAVED AT ME!” and I started squealing.
It may not seem special to you, but he was the first guy to notice me. He boosted my confidence so much, and that simple little wave helped me tremendously. Me and Shelby joke that I should’ve gotten his number. But I didn’t. I still think about him sometimes. And I wonder if he remembers me, the girl eating at McDonald’s in her swimsuit.

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