An Accident and a Friendship

July 15, 2009
By VicEveSamAlex GOLD, Medford, New Jersey
VicEveSamAlex GOLD, Medford, New Jersey
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In third grade, a new school got built. There was an awesome playground with a rock climbing wall. I just had to reach the top. I reached up to the top and touched the blue rock. Finally, I had climbed to the top of the rock wall. All I need to do, is jump done and I'm done. I jumped down...and fell and someone.
It was a girl that had been in my class in first and second grade. Shy, quiet, and timid, I never really talked to her much. She instantly begun crying. Guilt and shame washed over me like a waterfall. I wanted to disappear, instead, I immediately apologized to the poor girl. Eventually, the nurse came with a wheelchair. She got wheeled out of the playground with applause. Nothing was broken or sprang, but I wanted to dig a hole and die. I made a resolution to avoid her at all cost. Hide behind a tree, under a log, in a bathroom, yes, avoiding her at all cost seemed like a great decision. It wouldn't be that hard right? She was in a different class. We only saw each other in recess and lunch.
Well, the next day, I went up to her, swallowed my pride and asked if she wanted to go on the swing set with me. She didn't sneer or glare at me like I thought she would. Instead, she smiled and nodded. I sighed in relief. There were so many people out there that could hold grudges. The next day, week, month, and whole school year, we become the best of friends. We couldn't be separated. Give me paper and I could write a whole series about her life. Put me in a crowd of millions and she could single me out in a second. In elementary school, I was thought different and strange because of my likes and dislikes, but my new friend didn't care if I was unpopular and uncool. Throughout, third and fifth grade I only had two friends I could talk to. The other kids didn't want to talk to me. Now, I have even more friends, but whenever they ask how did we become such good friends, they would be shocked that this story. We still are best friends and stick together like peanut butter and jelly. And the real interesting thing is a pattern in our classes. In first and second grade we were in the same classes. In third grade, when I fell on her, we had different teaches. In fourth and fifth grade, we were put in the same grades again. In sixth grade, three years after the accident, we were in different teams. In seventh grade, it was no surprise that we were on the same team. Every year we are in the same grade expect for year three and six. In third grade was the accident. Sixth grade was three grades after our friendship and accident. Was it really just luck or was it fate?

The author's comments:
Everything I wrote in this story is true. 100% truth. Yes, my first real friendship started out by falling on someone. Strange right?

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