Cease fire depends on your voice

February 13, 2009
By Anonymous

Imagine this: You are stranded, confined, and surrounded by corpses rotted and smelling. Your
mother's gone, your sister's gone, and every asset to your life is gone. And just when you think
your situation can not get ant worse''.boom boom boom crrraaaasssshhhhhh, missiles fly and the
remains of shells are sunk into your flesh. Oooh you cry. You cry out loud, but no one hears you
because they were apart of the weak and the defenseless. The weak and the defenseless that got
bombed six times. Seconds later you meet them somewhere far away from the bombing. Not being able to
live your life to the fullest, you're dead at age nine. Could you imagine that this is what
thousands of Palestinians go through' I bet you can, but you ignore it. It is crucial that you react
to the genocide occurring in Palestine because this can be you. Genocide wouldn't be such an affect
if Americans were more involved. We are informed about the genocide occurring in Palestine, but yet
seconds later we are hooked on TV stations that don't benefit us in any possible way. Instead of
being mute when it comes to reality, why don't we put the TV on mute and get hooked d on reality. I
am not saying that being entertained is wrong, but how can you indulge while your people are dying.
According to New York Times, article, 'A way out of Gaza,' 'Already more than 1,000 Palestinians
have died in the densely populated Gaza Strip'' We hear about it and then it slips out through our
left ear. We don't give the horrors of Palestine a chance to sink in because we click to the next TV
station to something that entertains us. Well entertainment is not what saves those lives that are
dying in Palestine and if you don't care, you need a reality check because that could be you. In a
Newsweek article, 'In the Dangerous Lives of Doves in Israel,' it states, ' A strike on U.N. School
last week killed more than 40 people and the Red Cross accused Israel of violating international law
by failing to assist wounded Palestinian civilians.' Cruel isn't it' Innocent lives being taken
away, wounded and yet high authority does not one thing to help. I know you're thinking how people
can be so cruel, but are you any different. This might come of as offensive, but isn't that a mirror
of yourself' You watch innocent people die and you don't respond in any way. You have a short burst
of tears and sadness and then where are you next' You are right back where you started; at
forgetfulness. You wish it could just end don't you' All the violence and pain, gone just like that,
but it doesn't look like it is going anywhere soon. Like Hamas. They are an Islamic, terrorist group
within the nation of Israel. This one specific group has not ceased fire yet, on the innocent lives
of the civilians. The worse part is no one knows when they will cease fire though. 'The Islamists'
are not going to be eradicated,' says Mohammed al-Masri, an Abbas loyalist and former Gaza
intelligence chief. 'Hamas will come out stronger on the ground than ever before,' states a Newsweek
article, 'The Dangerous Lives of Doves in Israel.' It is sad that this is occurring, but it is even
sadder that they count on the ones that ignore them. Families are being torn apart and a city is
being eradicated. For what' Power and victory over their brothers and sisters. We as people kill
ourselves. This shows that human beings are wicked and never satisfied that they would kill their
brothers and sisters to please their own lust for power. That's just cold hearted and glutinous. A
New York Times Article, 'Outcry over Reports That Israel Used Phosphorus Arms on Gaza,' by Ethan
Bronner states, 'In Gaza, Ms. Abu Halima said that when her family was hit, 'fire came from the
bodies of her husband and my children. The children were screaming Fire! Fire! And there was smoke
everywhere'I saw my daughter in-law melt away.' When will the killing spree end' When all of our
brothers and sisters are dead and become one with the earth' Instead of unite, we fight. We take
fighting to an extreme and kill anyone in our way. Fighting use to be out of love. For something
that was morally right. Now it is for something morally wrong. There is no longer a good cause for
fighting. The cause is I am strong and superior and you are a weakling, so I will oppress you. I
mean what kind of mentality is that' ''200 such shells were fires in the fighting nearly all
orchards where Hamas gunmen and rocket-launching crew taking over.' In order for the genocide to
stop, we must decide to not dictate and have a 'have it your way' mentality because pride leads to
destruction. The Israelis and the Palestinians have been going through a non- stop battle to claim
what they say is rightfully theirs. The start of this tremendous warfare began when Israel was
finally established after five decades of trying to create a place where the Jewish people could
call theirs. In an article from News Hour Extra, 'Israel Strikes Hamas Targets in Gaza,' it states,
'In 1947, the United States formed a partition plan, which would have divided Palestine into
separate Jewish and Arab states. But in 1948, after the state of Israel was proclaimed it was
immediately invaded by armies from neighboring Arab states'The war concluded in 1949 and resulted in
a 50 percent increase in Israeli territory. Since the establishment of Israel, the country has had
an ongoing conflict with the Palestinians'' After all these years we now are seeing the side effect
of the establishment of the Israeli state and it is not pretty. Now you see how man automatically
acts with out thinking and looks at power as a dictator, not as a privilege. Because of this
obscurity, our fellow innocent brothers and sisters have to suffer. There has to be a better way to
share territory without conflict, but first man has to change his mentality. He has to change his
whole way of thinking because it can lead to destruction as you have seen. I know you might be
thinking, this doesn't affect me, I live miles away from this genocide in Gaza, then why should I be
worrying my head off, but it is that type of mentality that gets us in to conflicts such as this.
Yes and you might be wondering why I keep saying 'us,' but it is because the Palestinians, the
Israelis, and any other person that looks like me is apart of me. We do realize that but we run away
from it. Wouldn't you want someone to recognize your sorrow' Would you want them to say well it's
not me going through this predicament, so I don't even worry about it' You don't. We need to start
caring about our surroundings; feeling sorrow when others are hurt and feeling joyous when others
are ecstatic. We need to unite as one because so far going our separate ways has led us to
destruction. We need to contemplate our brothers and sisters agony. But thinking is not going to
bring back the lost lives or save the lives about to be lost. Projecting your inner voice is going
to. Tell people around you to inform their family members their friends, and make sure your words
sink in because if they don't, the mindsets of the ones around you won't be changed. In order to
alter the actions of man, man must alter his mindset, and in order for man to alter his mindset, we
must stand by man in altering ours

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peaceforever said...
on Jun. 20 2010 at 2:26 pm
I think this is definitely off to a good start. You need to check your punctuation and other mechanics, and revise it a little more, and it should be good to go!

on Dec. 11 2009 at 9:44 am
revolutionary01 BRONZE, Jerusalem, Other
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