Losing a Friendship

February 4, 2009
By Anonymous

I had a really good friend, that I could have called best friend. We were always use to be
together. People use to ask us if we were sister because we were always together. We use to
answered yes just for fun. We were always at each other houses. If I didn't spend the night at
her house, she spend the night at my house. We knew each other since we were in elementary. My
family and I were going to move to Denver where my friend lived. School almost started and I
hadn't register to a school. We needed a address to put in my application for school, I needed a
address because I was going to a Denver school because my mom didn't wanted to change me in the
school year. My mom ask my best friends mom if we could used her address until we moved for good.
My friend's mom said yes. My friend and I were happy because we were going to the school, and
because we were going to live closer to each other. School had started and my friend and I had some
of the classes together. My mom and dad had problems getting the house. So, we couldn't change
our address. My friend started ditching her classes. They called her house, her mom didn't got
mad or anything she just said that she better started going to her classes. My friend ignored her
and she walk away saying ok. After my friends mom told her not to go to ditching, that's the
first thing she did the next day. The school called twice a day to her house phone. Her mom
thought I went ditching to because they called two times a day, which I didn't. Her mom didn't
got mad the at her or anything she just ask her 'why did she miss school or why did they called
from school', she just told her a lie. Until one day her mom got tried of the school calling her
house every day. 'You guys need to stop ditching' her mom told us. 'If you don't stop
ditching I'm have to tell your mom' she told me. 'I don't ditch' I reply, but she
didn't believed me, but my friend that I called best friend did not back me up. Her mom said she
was going to check our attendances to see if were going to school, because she didn't believed me,
but her didn't went to check it she just wanted to scared us. My friend did not learn nothing when
she got scared. She went to class for some days and left again she invited me to go with her but I
did not went with her because I was scared because it was a small school. Her mom really got mad
and she wasn't playing this time. She went to talk to my mom. She told her I went ditching every
day. That they called her twice a day. One for me and the other call for my friend. My mom
didn't believed her because she knows me very well and I would not go ditching. She told my mom
that she was being kind enough to let us borrow her address and phone number and that we pay her
like that. My friend just stood quite. My mom got tired of her mom telling her stuff, so we moved
as soon as possible so we could change the address and phone number. After, what happened my friend
and I were never the same. We said hi and everything but like use to be. Now I now not to use
other people addresses. Now I put my own address and if I want to move schools I can't I have to
stay in the one I am.

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