December 20, 2008
By Anonymous

The stars seemed to fall upon us and trap us on the dock where we lay. It was the last night of summer camp and my friend Kate poured unforgettable wisdom into my listening ear. She spoke of a great honesty which she intended to live each moment of her life practicing. Next she told me to “Live with intention.” In this complex and struggling world she encouraged me to find passion in every moment.
During my junior year of high school my busy schedule seemed to dominate every area of my life. I held a part time job at Caribou Coffee, played on a competitive club volleyball team, attended high school five days a week, received mountains of homework, and still somehow attempted to spend time with my closest friends and family. Rather than enjoying the day, I spent my life trying to get through it. I had been living life with my eyes closed and somewhere along the way, the purpose of each day became lost.
Not only did her words impact me, but by example she set for me every day. Each morning she awoke with purpose and a joy for the day as she encouraged me to do the same. She was not confined by limitations of others and walked in a passionate freedom to her destination. That moment at the dock, underneath the stars reminded me to enjoy the details in life that I had not recognized before.
That night at the dock challenged the reasoning in my heart and revealed heavy stress to a form of beauty. Each moment now stands for an adventure as I continue to adjust my attitude and run with purpose in each step of my journey.
That night I recognized the details within the sky, all because of the three words I now hold so close, to “live with intention.”

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