acrostic story

May 26, 2009
By Anonymous

Z ach” yelled my mom, “where are you”. Of course at that time I did not hear her yelling bloody murder. I was walking down the beach minding my own business, but like always, I was looking for an Adventure. I was in Kiawah Island, South Carolina, but of Course when I always tell this I forget to say I was at the prime age of 3. I was just a little kid but that doesn’t mean I don’t Have my own fun. I was wandering Around looking for something that I could play with not even thinking about what my parents must have been thinking. So I wandered around for awhile trying to see what kind of madness I could get myself into. I was young and full of energy I was totally Ready to take on any challenge. I was the modern Indiana Jones except for the love of a hat. I was living my life to the fullest and having fun while doing that. Yet I never really though I was doing anything wrong, that was until my mom caught up to me. At first I had no idea what was happening she seemed relieved, sad, and happy all in one but I couldn’t figure out about what she was acting in that way towards. I was Just too little of course and never really picked up on others people feelings when it was towards me, especially in
this particular incident. Of course I eventually was told that I shouldn’t go around wandering Aimlessly around without telling either one of my parents. I still remember that day quite Clearly. Now that I am older I Know what I can and can’t do without freaking out my mom (that’s what I call growth). So from now on I will always do what is necessary to keep my parents happy. I still know that this story will be told for years to come but I don’t care. All that matters now is that my mom isn’t freaking Out about losing her second son but is grateful that it will be long before she has None. (Assuming that nothing happens to me in the next four or so years)

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