War at Home

June 10, 2009
By jordan willis BRONZE, Woodinville, Washington
jordan willis BRONZE, Woodinville, Washington
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Every season a new war is started. Not literally, but in my neighborhood, there is so much tension that it very well could be. The two sides of this conflict are very simple, “the boys” vs. “the girls.” Every summer our weapons include water balloons, water guns, and sometimes the ripe fruit plucked of a nearby tree. Our forts are made of people’s bushes, garages, and play sets. Our armor is made of garbage bags, it’s quite the look walking around covered in bags head to toe. Every hour or so a car will make a wrong turn and come down in to our neighborhood, we show them no mercy because any unknown person, car, or animal is an enemy. Even our parents fall victim to an occasional spray of water, or a stray water balloon.

Both groups have very different “fighting“ styles. The girls, are much more thoughtful and we tent to try and ambush or use sneak attacks. On the other hand, the boys are much more aggressive, they will come with unplanned attacks and refuse to surrender even when they have no ammo left. They also started throwing fruit once, which is now commonly used as a last resort. The thing about this war is that there is no way to win, it’s up to you to decide how well you did, the basic guide lines are the dryer you are the better. Other then that it’s a free for all “fight.”

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